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Water reticulation flow monitoring is mostly conducted to determine the systems capabilities to not only service future developments and urban growth but also determine firefighting capabilities.


Whether the project be a hydrant flow test for housing intensification, or monitoring of a whole system for reticulation modelling, AML can provide a solution for you.


Hydrant pressure monitoring

Hydrant pressure monitoring is used to collect high accuracy data throughout a system to assist in the build of a system hydraulic model.  Hydrant flow testing, in order to increase demand on the system, is used in conjunction with hydrant pressure monitoring.

Water meter flow monitoring

Water meter flow monitoring is used as part of the high accuracy data collected to assist in the build of a system hydraulic model.  Normally system meters and large consumers are monitored.

Hydrant fire flow testing

Hydrant fire flow tests are used to determine the system firefighting capabilities.  These are usually conducted for smaller urban developments, such as new subdivisions, or housing intensification projects. 

Transient Pressure Data Logging

Pressure transient monitoring data is an important aspect of network calming and can be used to identify problems within your water system such as leaks or large water main breaks.  It can also help you optimise your system for better overall performance.


Due to the nature of the transient shockwaves, conventional pressure data loggers cannot adequately detect and quantify transient pressures.  AML uses specific transient data loggers that can record the short duration events accurately.



AML can also provide the following services to meet your needs:


  • Site investigations and recommendations.

  • Calibration of “In Line” flow meters and velocity profiling.

  • Bulk supply water meter monitoring for flow and pressure.

  • Open channel meter calibration.

  • Water main mass balancing.

  • Installation of water main monitoring points.

  • System monitoring during reticulation shut down and major works projects.

Water Reticulation

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