AML are a New Zealand agent for the range of MACE products providing: Installation, ongoing site maintenance and data analysis with Digital Telemetry; a web-based data and system control service. This service provides the client with a full turn key solution to their monitoring requirements.

AML are able to offer a diverse range of services including:

  • The design and manufacture of permanent flow monitoring assemblies ie magflo metering.
  • Development of business within the Water and Wastewater utilities.
  • Provide a service to conduct investigations, monitoring and reporting.
  • Calibration service for permanently installed “pressurised” flow monitoring devices.
  • Calibration service to include the evaluation of Water and Wastewater Pump Station efficiency.
  • Flow and Pressure monitoring of Water Reticulation systems, evaluating normal flow patterns and equating to leak detection programs.
  • Asset management.
  • Project management.

The partnership between Asset Monitoring Limited and Digital Telemetry provides a fully managed end-to-end hassle-free solution. You stay focused on your business; we focus on ours, which is to make sure your flow data is accurately, reliably and securely collected for you.

Asset Monitoring Limited are flow monitoring experts with over 20 years experience, so you know our solutions will work and keep working. Even if you don’t need new equipment we can calibrate and audit your existing systems. You can be confident that you are meeting your compliance requirements and trust the data.

Digital Telemetry specialise in remote telemetry: they ensure your flow information is reliably collected, transferred to the web, sent to the council, and available to you. Their advance technology means that 2-way communication with pump equipment is optionally available; it could be used to change schedules or turn pumps on/off from the web site…saving you even more time.

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