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Stormwater flow monitoring, much like wastewater flow monitoring, can be conducted for various reasons.  These can range from requirements of a resource consent to a full hydraulic model build.


AML has a range of data loggers that are better suited to the stormwater flow environments, where the flow is too clear for the conventional wastewater flow monitors.  This ensures that the data captured during the rain events is accurate and trustworthy.


Groundwater monitoring

AML has conducted groundwater monitoring by installing pressure depth loggers into piezometer tubes up to 30m below the ground level.  These loggers record the groundwater levels at regular intervals.


River / Stream level monitoring

Level monitoring is used in many ways, whether it be used in conjunction with manual profiling to calculate a flow through the site or as an advanced warning method to possible flooding, AML can provide a solution that meets your requirements.


River profiling

River profiling is normally used with level monitoring to develop a riverbed profile, and using manual depth and velocity calibrations, to calculate the total volume of flow through a location.  This can be correlated to rain gauge data from within the area which shows how a site reacts to both small and large rain events.



AML can also provide the following services to meet your needs:


  • Pump Station monitoring

  • Rain Gauge installations and maintenance

  • Site investigations and recommendations.

  • Combined Sewer – Stormwater Overflow investigations.

  • Site installation of flow loggers to monitor Storm water reticulation systems.

  • On site calibration and auditing of permanent or temporary flow meters.

  • Manhole assets data collection

  • Installation of event notification systems

  • Catchment management planning.

  • Desktop data auditing and evaluation.

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