About Asset Monitoring Ltd

Asset Monitoring Ltd (AML) have provided services specialising in flow measurement since 1999 and is an engineering services company specialising in flow measurement. Our level of commitment to our clients stems from the company being primarily family owned and operated.

To service the growth of its asset management work, particularly in the field of performance measurement of hydraulic services (Sewerage, Drainage, Catchment Management, Stormwater and Bulk Water reticulation supply), “Asset Monitoring Limited” (AML) was formed to specialise in testing and monitoring this area of work.

Asset Monitoring Ltd complements the professional services of consulting engineers and local authority engineering sections by operating in the sector of flow monitoring of wastewater, stormwater, water reticulation / distribution networks and in other sectors of flow measurement and monitoring.

Asset Monitoring works alongside our associate companies Digital Telemetry and Taupo Plan Services.

This arrangement provides our clients with the combined resources and capabilities of the three companies to the best advantage, making the whole process more efficient.