Services we offer

Asset Monitoring Limited is a service provider of short and long term monitoring encompassing Water, Wastewater and Stormwater reticulation systems and are a New Zealand agent for an Australian based company – Measuring & Control Equipment Co. Pty. Ltd (MACE), manufacturers of specialist wastewater, stormwater and irrigation equipment.

The activities and services undertaken by AML in relation to technical services include the following:

Wastewater and Stormwater Reticulation Systems

  • Site investigations and recommendations.
  • Inflow and Infiltration investigations Including:
    • Smoke testing of public and domestic sanitary systems.
    • Visual manhole and property inspections, flow isolation, dye testing.
  • Combined Sewer – Stormwater Overflow investigations.
  • Site installation of flow loggers to monitor Wastewater and Storm water reticulation systems.
  • On site calibration and auditing of permanent or temporary flow meters.
  • Installations of long and short term monitoring systems.
  • The installation, implementation, running and total maintenance of “Billing Network Systems”.
  • Installation and operation of automatic sampling units.
  • Catchment management planning.
  • Desktop data auditing and evaluation.

Water Reticulation

  • Site investigations and recommendations.
  • Calibration of “In Line” flow meters and velocity profiling.
  • Bulk supply water meter monitoring for flow and pressure.
  • Fire Hydrant flow testing.
  • Open channel meter calibration.
  • Water main mass balancing.
  • Installation of water main monitoring points.
  • Design and installation of new flow meters.
  • Pressure head loss calculations.
  • System monitoring during reticulation shut down and major works projects.