hydromace-productshot The HydroMace 3000 continues the long heritage established by MACE over 40 years ago for remote data logging and telemetry.

With a fully integrated data logger, solar regulator and battery housed in one rugged weatherproof enclosure, the HydroMace 3000 is built to withstand the harshest of environments. Furthermore, the tradition of the HydroMace is continued by the ability to plug ‘n’ play just about any environmental sensor.

With the license-free point ‘n’ click FloCom+ configuration software, no proprietary coding knowledge is required to get the HydroMace 3000 going in record time!

Furthermore, with the optional FloSI telemetry interface, critical information can be sent wherever it is needed most.

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Key Benefits:

  • Integrated package – includes data logger, charging regulator and battery in one rugged, weatherproof housing.
  • Plug ‘n’ play expansion increased I/O, telemetry cards
  • Quick and painless configuration no proprietary coding knowledge required.


Plug ‘n’ play Expansion


Low Cost of ownership

  • Economical to purchase and install
  • Integrated all-in-one package

Flexible monitoring and control

  • Standard I/O card supports seven sensor inputs and four outputs
  • Expandable to five I/O cards
  • Automated sensor power management
  • Multi-channel data logging

Quick and Painless Configuration

  • Easy point ‘n’ click channel configuration and calibration
  • No proprietary coding knowledge required
  • Weir and flume lookup table supports all major types

Telemetry ready

  • ModBus
  • SDI-12